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Then and now

Finsbury Park, two shoots, five years apart

Story by Paul Clarke Photography May 8th, 2017

Chance is a strange thing. In early May 2012, I approached a talented singer/songwriter, Luke Sital-Singh, to do some photos. We went to Finsbury Park, messed around for an hour, and made a set of pictures. I wrote more about that here.


And then in early May 2017 I get a call from a talented singer/actor, Phillip Browne, wanting new promotional & publicity images. Ideal location: Finsbury Park. I do a lot of shoots like these – probably a couple a week – but every one is utterly unique. Having thought about Luke's shoot – five years on – so recently, the coincidence of location amused me.

So I retraced the route, but found new paths, and completely new approaches. Yes: the bridge again, but seen differently this time. Yes: the Parkland Walk – a hidden London treasure you simply must experience.

The way I work for this type of assignment is all about finding 'the moment' as it happens. Following instincts, trying and discarding, seeing what develops. It's magic when it works like this. The light was perfect. The subject was brilliant.

Oh, and that last studio-style shot? Taken in broad daylight, with just a simple flash stuck in some ivy up a tree. You'd never know :)

Five years. Better kit. More experience. Same passion.

Can't wait to see what happens in five more.